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For today’s Wedding Wednesday blog we are looking into the topic of wedding party gifts, specifically for the groomsmen. The idea is to get them something they will like and actually use – hopefully on more than just the day of the wedding. It is a way of saying thank you for all the help they have put forth, including the time, money, and energy to attend engagement parties, bachelor weekends, and anything else you may have needed. So to help you show your gratitude, here is a list of a few of our favorite gift ideas:

Traditional gifts: the first gift ideas that come to mind are the generally “traditional” gifts, which include ties, bowties, and socks that the group is expected to wear the day of the wedding. While we love this idea, they may not be able to utilize them after the wedding, especially if your color scheme is not quite their style. So why not throw a little something extra in there that they can use later too, such as an engraved pocket knife, bar key, or even some of the other gift items mentioned below.

Tie bar and cufflinks: Add a little personalization to the gifts with an engraved tie bar or cufflinks. We’ve seen great ones that are unique, such as a different superhero for each, or their initials. No matter how casual your friends are, they can always use a classic pair of cufflinks in the future.

Money clips and wallets: Another great gift idea that everyone can use is a sturdy money clip or leather wallet. Bonus points if you have their initials engraved beforehand.

Leather dopp kits: when you were young, you may have just thrown your stuff straight into your travel bag or perhaps grabbed a plastic one from the kitchen. But now that we are older, everyone can use a dopp kit, especially one that will hold up as well as leather. You can put a few other items in there, as their tie for the day like we mentioned earlier.

They favorite bottle of alcohol or a personalized flask: A great way to keep the celebration going, and something they will be guaranteed to enjoy is their favorite bottle of spirits and a flask to carry it in. While on the conversation of flasks, if you go that route, try one that is a combination. We’ve seen great options with are both a flask and cigar holder, or have a collapsible shot glass discretely included. You can even include whisky stones or something similar for added effect.

Something specific to your wedding: Here is where you can get unique to your group of friends or a theme you may want to adhere to. Maybe you are having a beach wedding and you purchase them all a pair of rainbows. Or you want everyone dress in black Chuck Taylors for the big event. We even had a group of groomsmen who all received Storm Trooper helmets. Yes, as in the ones from Star Wars.

You can even do a combination of any of the above for a goodie bag. Or you can think about each wedding party member individually and select a gift unique to them. Be sure to utilize your resources too. Etsy, The Knot Shop, and even local novelty stores can be a gold mine of ideas. However you choose to say thank you, your men are sure to appreciate it.

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