A passion for locally grown fruits and vegetables and farm-fresh meats and seafood is evident in the exquisite food and beverage offerings throughout The Umstead Hotel and Spa. Led by James Beard Nominee and celebrated chef, Steven Greene, these fresh flavors, surprising food combinations, and striking presentation are the trademarks of every appetizer, meal, or signature cocktail or wine enjoyed here.

At The Umstead, a sublime culinary experience isn't limited to the well-appointed walls of Herons. Rather, guests can taste spectacular, locally sourced seasonal delights in a cabana by the pool, at a cozy table in The Umstead Bar, while savoring Afternoon Tea, or simply by ordering room service.

Autumn Menus


Autumn Menus

New fall menus now available in Herons. Dishes include lobster and parsnip soup, a fowl course including quail, squab, and duck, and desserts with fruit of the cocoa.
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