Massage Therapies

Swedish Massage

50 minutes $140 or 80 minutes $165
Relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation with a full body massage. The long strokes of the Swedish massage aid in muscle relaxation and promote circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 minutes $160 or 80 minutes $185
Focused on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, this massage is both corrective and therapeutic in breaking down knots and aiding in muscle recovery.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 minutes $140 or 80 minutes $165
Let the therapeutic properties of herbaceous plants and spices combine with the healing value of touch to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Custom Massage

Design a massage that is customized to meet your needs. Choose a combination of Swedish, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, and Therapeutic techniques or focus on a specific area to relax and relieve muscle tension.

  • 50 minutes $160, choose a combination of two strokes.
  • 80 minutes $185, choose a combination of three strokes.

Therapeutic Massage

50 minutes $160 or 80 minutes $185
Concentrating on specific areas of the body, this treatment is ideal for the sports enthusiast. Increased flexibility and range of motion are a few of the benefits of this therapeutic treatment. Not recommended for guests with high blood pressure.

The Piedmont Experience

80 minutes $205
Regain your footing with this indulgent treatment that will relax you from head to toe. The Piedmont Experience will increase blood and lymph circulation through acupressure and a rocking rhythm technique applied with warm herbal compression balls infused with herbs and spices designed to relieve the body of toxins and tension. The compression balls are then a gift to you to continue the experience at home as soak for your next bath.

Mother-to-Be Massage

50 minutes $150 or 80 minutes $175
Designed to relieve tension and stress put on a mother's body during pregnancy, the Mother-to-be Massage aids in diminished hip and back pain and improved circulation. Enjoy the ease of a side-lying position for the ultimate in comfort. Note: This massage cannot be performed during the first trimester or for those experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

Couples Massage

50 minutes starting at $280 or 80 minutes starting at $330
Share a relaxing massage with a partner in our Couples Suite. Each partner can select from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy or Customize your massage with a combination of strokes. prices dependent on selection.

The Retreat

100 minutes $400
Begin this couple's retreat by sharing a relaxing bath for two in our soak tub overlooking nature. Then, get swept away in a dual 50-minute Massage. Customize the massage experience to your liking by choosing between Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy or Custom Massage. This experience includes a complimentary glass of champagne. 

Treatment Add-Ons

Bath Ritual

25 minutes $85 Available Monday through Thursday
To enhance your experience, add a bath ritual to your treatment to soothe dry skin, relax the mind, or invigorate the senses.

The Umstead Spa

The Umstead Spa

Serenity Pedicure

Address tired and aching muscles in our new Serenity pedicure. This therapeutic treatment includes a warm foot soak, invigorating massage and cocooning mask for your legs and feet, leaving you relaxed and renewed for your next journey.
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