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It's Wedding Wednesday again at The Umstead and we have been thinking about creative ways to incorporate timeless traditions.

When I was little, I remember how my parents had a cross stitch pattern with their wedding details and the phrase “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue” embroidered around the edges framed above their bed. And while I can’t remember what items my mother carried on her day, I always remember what her something blue was – her garter. This particular wedding tradition began as an Old English rhyme and is usually small trinkets worn by the bride for good luck. While I have seen many shoes, flowers, and jewelry pieces as the something blue, we always love to see how creative brides can be when deciding on their items. If you are looking for something more out of the ordinary, here are a few suggestions to help you feel inspired:

• While jewelry is a common choice, try including your blue jewels in your hair piece or your veil. Even if you only have one bobby-pinned in, it will be sure to catch the eyes of your guests as you walk by.

• A manicure and pedicure are a necessity before the big day to pamper those feet you’ll be dancing on and the hands you will be photographing. Why not choose a blue nail polish for your feet? Or for the ring finger only?

• If you decide to keep the tradition to yourself, select pale blue undergarments that won’t show through your clothing or spend your day getting ready in a blue robe.

• If you are changing after the ceremony, you could select a blue dress for the reception or to wear when you depart for the evening. A blue confetti or petal sendoff is another option to finish out the evening.

• For the foodies out there, not everything has to be worn on your person during the big day, so with that in mind, how about a signature blue cocktail to be served throughout the evening? Or the inside of your cake, be it just a layer or in its entirety. Another great idea would be the favors you send home with your guests, such as blue macaroons or your favorite candy in blue coloring.

• If you’d prefer to step even further away from the tradition, you could even go so far as to rent a pool side cabana, and enjoy the relaxing blue water before the wedding with your friends. Or one of your special songs such as the cake cutting or final dance could be to a “blue” related song.

In honor of my mother and the pattern I saw every day, I chose to cross stitch my husband’s name on the inside of my dress. As always, whatever you choose should be special to you, just remember to have fun with it!



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