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If you’ve never been to a spa before, well, you are missing out! But there is a first time for everything, and if you haven’t ever been, you may be wondering what to expect. Here are 5 tips to ensure you enjoy and make the most of your time!

Put your phone away The first thing we recommend is putting away your phone. It takes time to disconnect and quiet the mind, so leaving your phone in your car, or your locker, will help greatly. To protect your privacy – and your phone – we don’t allow guests to bring their phones into the wet areas because this space is clothing optional. So while someone may want to get a selfie of the fun they are having, we don’t allow phones to ensure you are not accidentally caught in the background as well as to ensure you don’t hear any dings, vibrations, or ticking away while you are trying to relax.

To clothe or not to clothe At our spa, the separated areas are clothing optional, so you have the option of wearing a bathing suit, a t shirt, your robe, towel, or nothing at all, and you will find those who are comfortable in one of the above and more. It is entirely up to you, so go as you see fit.

Arrive early If you are only having a nail treatment, 15 minutes will be early enough. But if you are having any other sort of treatment, arrive at least 30 minute early, but the earlier the better! You want to make sure you have time to park, check in at the front desk, be shown around the facilities, change into your robe, and start to calm your mind in preparation for your delightful treatment. But if you arrive earlier, you also have time to start enjoying all the complimentary facilities, which include our sauna, eucalyptus steam room, whirlpool, outdoor current pool, and relaxation lounges.

If you are not a hotel guest, book Monday through Thursday! Like most hotel and spa combinations, we prioritize our in house guests for weekend appointments due to the high demand. But what we always recommend to our loyal locals is to book Monday through Thursday, because you receive the added bonus of complimentary pool usage! What a great way to spend the day. Come in early and enjoy your treatments, make the most of the facilities, and then head out for lunch pool side, followed by a day in the sun. Even better, finish with a cool down in our rain fall shower, then head up to the Bar and Lounge for nightly live entertaining and craft made cocktails.

Treatment order We always advise your book in this order: Exfoliation or Body Wrap, Massage, Facial, Nail Treatment. Why you ask? With body treatments, you will lay on your face at some point, and that is not recommended after your facial, as you could wipe off some of the product or diminish the impact of the product. We also don’t recommend you use the sauna, steam room, or whirlpool right after your body wrap or facial, because again you want to give your skin time to soak up all the goodies you just put on it, not wash it off! The ideal situation would be to come in and enjoy the sauna, steam room, and whirl pool to begin relaxing and unwinding for your treatments, then sit in the relaxation lounge with a nice cup of tea or fruit water.

The main priority of yours should be to RELAX. So however you relax best and calm your mind that is the best thing you can do to make the most of your spa experience. It’s your day!

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