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Caviar & Champagne Preview

This Thursday, we are proud to be pairing exquisite Caviars with a selection of Champagnes that are designated with the venerable Special Club designation.  

The Special Club is not a secret password or special knock on the door type of club, but rather one that focuses on highlighting the best that each member is able to produce in their respective villages.   Created in 1971, the rules for membership are simple: one must grow their own grapes, all members must be legally designated as Récoltant-Manipulants (commonly known as Grower Champagnes), and the wines are all put in the same unique bottle, regardless of producer, but each wine maker gets to put their own label on the bottle. The wines all taste different from each other because they come from different villages/grapes, but they all have a commonality of being extraordinary. 

Don't miss this opportunity to taste this unique selection of both Caviars and Champagnes on Thursday at 6pm.  For more information call 919-447-4000.

Written by Hai Tran

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